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211 Arizona

Designed to serve critical information to individuals and providers statewide, 211 Arizona is a network of resources supporting the health and safety of Arizona’s communities.

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A primary resource for various users with vastly different personas, the need for compliance with ADA/WCAG and UI best practices required the design of this site to be utilitarian in nature. Approached from a holistic perspective and aligned through understanding the needs of various audiences, overall themes and opportunities for information display focused on immediate comprehension over elaborate visual design. Keeping this in mind, the design system created for 211 Arizona relies heavily on accessibility, intuitive patterns for users to follow and economical use of graphics to increase page load times.

Completed at Skyhook Interactive
An image of the 211 Arizona homepage redesign
The homepage relied heavily on the hero, inviting users to engage with a predictive search engine to arrive at the information they seek as quickly as possible. Alternate user journeys are presented below, including resource grouping by county or program.
An image of the 211 Arizona ways to give page redesign
Internal pages follow the established language of the homepage, reducing the size of the heroes height and allowing the content of the page to be engaged by the user earlier in their journey.
An image of the 211 Arizona about page redesign