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Concepts for a brand redesign to build a strong digital presence in a competitive marketplace.

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Background checks and employment verification providers compete in a crowded b2b marketplace. Clarifacts, known for their premiere customer service and technology platform needed to rejuvenate their website to cement their position as an industry leader. These concepts were provided to help explore layouts and graphics that align with core brand pillars while also targeting a specific market segment for higher conversion rates. Specific strategies were taken with each design but overall, a main value proposition leads off each design with a visual listing of core service offerings that potential clients can quickly digest. More detail is provided as users scroll, but the targeted approach of providing key information above the fold increases conversion rates by plainly informing users of exactly what Clarifacts does right off the bat.

Completed at Skyhook Interactive
An image of a concept home page for the Clarifacts website.
A dominant hero element with contrasting text, CTA and service grid immediately communicates the basics about Clarifacts and their suite of service offerings.
An image of a concept home page for the Clarifacts website.
A more colorful approach adds depth to the page with a subtle gradient and reversed out icons and text.
An image of a concept home page for the Clarifacts website.
More restrained approaches with selective color application to iconography instead of background colors lightens the experience while still providing an impactful first impression.
An image of the proposed home page for the Clarifacts website.
A full page exploration that combines all elements and content into a design that communicates both the brand and the businesses core service offerings.