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GPSI ROI Calculator

Optimizing leads by providing estimated costs to clients interested in fleet management solutions makes a big difference in lead conversion.

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Fleet Management saves money but the sticker shock of up-front investment can sour the deal before the conversation starts. GPS Insight looked to solve this problem by providing more transparency about the real costs of their products and services and the reasonable timeframe for which the initial investment would be recouped through saved time. The solution is a calculator that relies on two user-provided values and then calculates the results based on national averages for specifics like the average cost of fuel per gallon or standard insurance premium rates. Each variable is adjustable and the entire report is immediately available to the prospect through a simple form that integrates with the GPS Insight sales team for follow-up.

An image of the GPSI ROI Calculator website
The simple tool allows potential clients to understand the real costs - and savings - associated with adopting a fleet management solution.